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  Marc A Retmier
Name: Navy Hospitalman Marc A. Retmier

Age: 19

From: Hemet, Calif.;

Assigned to Provincial Reconstruction Team Sharana in Afghanistan;

Incident: Navy Hospitalman Marc A. Retmier died June 18 as a result of wounds sustained from an enemy rocket attack in northern Paktika province, Afghanistan. Also killed was Construction Mechanic 1st Class Ross L. Toles III.

Died: June 18, 2008


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Prayers & Condolences For:
Marc A Retmier
BY Anonymous on Jun 18, 2013
  Rest in Pace our Brave American Hero. We Salute YOU HM2 Retmier.

Prayers & Condolences For:
Marc A Retmier
BY Anonymous on Jan 26, 2009
  Thank you for your courage and service. May you rest peacefully in Gods loving and secure arms.

Prayers & Condolences For:
Marc A Retmier
BY Anonymous on Jun 27, 2008
  I loved and am very proud of my nephew and will always hold onto the memory of Marc, in my heart. I miss he very much, he was so special, he was very insightful even at a very young age, and so very motivated.

Much Love

Uncle D.C.

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Prayers & Condolences For:
Marc A Retmier
BY John on Jun 24, 2008
  May the grace of God, the love of Jesus, and the peace of the Holy Spirit be with you and your family forever.

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