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  Carletta S Davis
Name: Army Staff Sgt. Carletta S. Davis

Age: 34

From: Anchorage, Alaska;

Assigned to the 10th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), Fort Drum, N.Y.;

Incident: Army Staff Sgt. Carletta S. Davis died Nov. 5 in Tal Al-Dahab, Iraq, of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near her Humvee during combat operations. Also killed were Staff Sgt. John D. Linde, Sgt. Derek T. Stenroos and Pfc. Adam J. Muller.

Died: November 05, 2007

Alaskans among Fort Drum soldiers killed in Iraq

The Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Staff Sgt. Carletta Davis’s mother said her daughter seemed to sense something might go wrong this time when she was deployed again to Iraq.

Before she deployed, “She visited people she didn’t normally visit, I think because she knew something,” said Lavada Napier.

Davis, 34, who grew up in Anchorage, was one of two Alaskans killed Nov. 5 when a roadside bomb exploded near their Humvee in Tal Al-Dahab, Iraq.

Sgt. Derek Stenroos, 24, of North Pole, was also killed in the attack, along with two other soldiers with Fort Drum’s 1st Brigade Co


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Prayers & Condolences For:
Carletta S Davis
BY Anonymous on Aug 28, 2009
  Each Time I pray for mothers, sons, daughters, wives, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, cousins, next door neighbors, ministries, and friends that have lost a loved one. My heart still hearts, and I can only hold a grin. My smile gets weak, that's when I know Jesus is on his feet, carrying me through the day. I must say Jesus Loves us all, always. Thank you for letting me share. Because I really do Care!!!


Gold Star Mother in Fairbanks Alaska

Prayers & Condolences For:
Carletta S Davis
BY Anonymous on Aug 21, 2009
  A day in time, we all go through. I look forward to being in the home on high. We all will have a second death. We first born of flesh and die, we everlasting life with Jesus in the Kingdow of God.

We Love you SSG Carletta S. Davis

Prayers & Condolences For:
Carletta S Davis
BY Anonymous on Jul 07, 2009
  May the Grace of God covers every soul that views this site. My daughter is missed truly on this side. We hope you get there. Thank you for remembering her brave actions in Iraq.


Gold Star Mother


Prayers & Condolences For:
Carletta S Davis
BY Anonymous on Dec 03, 2008
  I love carletta. Prayer is always coming up from my spirit for my grand children. I hope their dad allow them to come home for Christmas. If he would only call.

Prayers & Condolences For:
Carletta S Davis
BY Anonymous on Nov 13, 2007
  As i sit here with a new set of dog tags around my neck , not because i am in the army but because my brother rush Jenkins was killed on his 22 birth Oct 30th , In Iraq , he was so proud of what he was doing so i know She was too , So know that there are people that love and reapect them for all they do and God needed her for his ARMY , so you will see her one day soon may you use this time as i has to draw close to God and know she is always with you looking over you , She will never be forgoten.

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