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  Angel Leigh Coates
To My Dearest Daughter Angel Leigh Coates – My Angel In Heaven.

It was father’s day today and I want to share a story with you about how your life has already changed the lives of many. The two you touched the most were me and your mother. Our time on earth was very short but I knew the instant you were born our destiny with each other was not through. You would be almost 10 now Angel and not a day don’t go by that you are not in my thoughts with the love I always hold for you.

Your life continues to teach me lesions even almost a decade after you went to Heaven. I did a radio show about a month in a half ago which thousands more people learned about RF health concerns. Seeing you die before my very eyes changed me as a person forever. As I’m sure you can see from Heaven I’ve always taken a different road then most, but after holding you - within minutes of being a father I found myself on an all or die mission.

You were not going to die in vain to a population of people without a clue why so many precious babies where dying. My missions to understand your death, and address the problems, have labeled me as an eccentric to some and a genius to others. Regardless of what people thought of me, the motivation of my Love for you and God has always guided me. With it I have accomplished my goals rapidly in life and continue to pioneer new ways to address areas of societal shortcomings that are in serious need of attention.

But what I learned most about your life came from the murder of a handicapped women named .Terri Schiavo who is with you in Heaven. It was a challenging feeling to witness a woman being starved to death only a few hundred feet away from me. It was two weeks of the same helpless feeling I had the finial minutes prior to your destiny in Heaven, Every minute Terri laid there slowly dying I prayed relentlessly for the Lord to nourish her. I know she was given salvation, you could feel it in the air as God’s presents was so strong it felt like God had a 200 square foot area in the palm of his hand.

God’s plan for Terri was to be in Heaven but not before exposing many horrible wrong doings and bringing people together from around the world to pray in the name of God for divine will to be done. It was a beautiful thing to see and feel so many religions come together. It was Faith in God in its purest and most truthful form

It was there that I met for the first time (on a personal level) a lot of people in the pro-life movement. I discovered something wonderful I overlooked in my life, and it had everything to do with your life.

We did not learn of your fatal birth defect until long after your conception. It was well into the last stages of pregnancy before it was discovered.

The doctors were scaring your mother into having an abortion. It was a horrible time for us both. The doctors would have succeeded but there were picketers outside the building holding pictures of little babies cut to pieces. Tammy knew that we could not agree to let that happen to you! Her health and yours - was going to be left in the hands of God!

I have always thought of it as your death that changed my life, but that is not giving credit where credit belongs. It was not your death that changed my life it was the love people ( I didn’t even know) LOVE they had for my unborn baby, you! It was their love that gave me the chance to experience my love for you the second you were born. The love for you that changed my life happened all because someone you didn’t know loved you that much to say God has a plan for our lives and it included you being born into our family.

I want to thank the pro-life movement for being there to fight a growing culture of death that so many people are getting immune and desensitized to, by slipping away from their moral obligations to support the preservation of life and happiness for all life – including unborn babies with birth defects. There is never an excuse to kill a baby! I thank God so much that you were born Angel. Your life will always be an inspiration for me.

Thank you Angel for making me a Father!

I wish I could hug you on this Fathers Day 2005, but telling you how much I love you will suffice!

Blessings my darling Angel.
Love Always
Your Father

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Angel Leigh Coates
BY Anonymous on Apr 11, 2009
  To my loving grandchild,i believe you are present with the Lord.You were born to my special son, John ,whom I admire and love.I thank God for the blessing you were born to us..Your life was short.God,s purpose and will for you continues on ,with those who work here on earth to protect the unborn and those born with disabilities.It is written, eye can not see, nor is it known what a beautiful place where you are now.I BELIEVE you are a happy in GOD'S kINGDOM of heaven,with HIS family and saints and angels .Until we meet in eternity.Your Loving grandmother,sandra coates keffer.

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Angel Leigh Coates
BY acidburnny on Jun 23, 2005
  There is nothing harder than the loss of a child. God Bless

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Angel Leigh Coates
BY georgygirl on Jun 21, 2005
  For an angel! God needs special "angels"!

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Angel Leigh Coates
BY simplehung63 on Jun 21, 2005
  Dear Angel,

I am so sorry for your premature loss.......I can't even express how sorry. I love your father and your mother, too. May you rest in peace and guide them through this confusing life.

I feel like I am kin to you...I really do.



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