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John Michael Roy Curwin
John Michael Roy Curwin
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  Alan Beaven
Alan A. Beaven, 48, of the Oakland, Calif., area, was an environmental lawyer known for working on high-profile clean-water cases. After spending several weeks at a bucolic spiritual retreat in the Catskills, he was on his way home to try one last case--a federal trial in Sacramento--before beginning a yearlong sabbatical, friends and colleagues said.

Profile courtesy of THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

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Alan Beaven
BY Anonymous on Sep 30, 2012
  You Are Brave & Courageous By Your Selfless Actions Shown In Those Minutes. May Flight 93 Never Be Forgotten And May It Always Be A Holy And Peaceful Symbol. You Will Never Be Forgotten & May You Rest In Peace. I Know You Are Looking Down From Heaven Right Now As I Am Writing This And That You Are Watching Over Your Family

May My Candle Light And Never Go Out.

Prayers & Condolences For:
Alan Beaven
BY Anonymous on Sep 11, 2008
  Alan, you are not forgotten. Rest in Peace,


September 11, 2008

Prayers & Condolences For:
Alan Beaven
BY Anonymous on Jul 20, 2007
  God bless you! Rest in peace!

From Fátima Ferreira - Portugal


Prayers & Condolences For:
Alan Beaven
BY Anonymous on Sep 13, 2006
  You are remembered.

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