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  Richard M. Salter
Name: Army Chief Warrant Officer Richard M. Salter

Age: 44

From: Cypress, Texas

Assigned to the 1st Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment, Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas

Incident: Army Chief Warrant Officer Richard M. Salter was killed Dec. 26 when his Apache helicopter collided with another military aircraft in mid-air and then crashed in Baghdad. Also

Died: December 26, 2005

• • • • •

Texas soldier ‘absolutely loved’ flying

CYPRESS, Texas — As a child, Richard Salter spent countless hours playing with an air rescue helicopter he received one Christmas and foreshadowed what he would do as an adult.

Salter went on to become chief warrant officer in the Army who not only flew helicopters but had also trained other soldiers to fly the Apache.

On the day after Christmas, Salter was one of two soldiers killed in Baghdad when their Apache helicopter crashed after colliding with another military aircraft in midair, the Department of Defense said Wednesday.

“He loved (flying), he absolutely loved it,” said his sister, Sara Ward of Cypress, in Wednesday’s online edition of the Houston Chronicle. “He loved what he did, and he loved his country with the same fierceness that he loved his family.”

Salter, 44, had left for Iraq in November and was on his second tour when he died...


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Richard M. Salter
BY Anonymous on Nov 09, 2009
  If anyone knows how to erach Janet or Matt's parents, please contact me. There will be a flag flying in honor of all the fallen soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan on Wednesday, 11/11/09. i would like to give this flag to his family.

Thank you,

Angela Lewis (Mike Gaston's daughter)


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Prayers & Condolences For:
Richard M. Salter
BY DONNYDO on May 07, 2006
  Dear Lord hear my prayer.

Please embrace with all Your love and mercy the soul of this brave soldier and comfort him with Your Divine Presence.

Bless his heart and keep his family in Your Hands, Guard them and comfort them.



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