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Steven Paul Chucknick
BY Anonymous on Feb 18, 2007

Dear Steve, tonight was the WSTA party, how I looked for you in the smoking room, to the right by the piano. As I walked to the Pierre Hotel, I choked back tears thinking of past parties. Who was going to remind me where my coat check ticket was? Who was going to take the train home with me? I ran into Steve W. and thanked him for talking to you when the plane hit. He, at least, got to talk to you. I am sorry that I did not call you Monday, September 10 to wish you a belated happy birthday, (and to say) that we missed lunch one too many times and "let's get together." I think of you every day. How I looked all night for you tonight, one last hug, one last kiss good night. Save a spot for me in heaven (please put in a good word for me). We have plenty to talk about when I get there. Everybody missed you tonight. You will not be forgotten! One good thing is, you did not have to put up with the Z-100 Jingle Ball crowd on the train. Love you always my friend.

Kerrin Schwarz, friend

141 Vigil Post For Steven Paul Chucknick (8 Pages, 20 Per Page)
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 ]

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